My goal is to set practical and compelling visual direction, build strong teams and ship great AAA franchises.

PC/Console Development
     2017 Age of Empires: IV(in-development)
     2016 Just Cause 3 DLC “Sky Fortress”
     2015 Just Cause 3
     2010 Far Cry 3
     2008 Far Cry 2
     2007 Medal of Honor: Vanguard  
     2005 Medal of Honor: European Assault
     2003 Medal of Honor: Rising Sun

Mobile/eSport Development
2017 Unannounced Project
     2016 Super Senso
     2014 Star Wars: Galactic Defense
     2014 Dungeon Defenders II
     2011 Salem

Feature Development
     2002 Jonah: A Veggietales Movie
     2000 Ice Age

Relic Entertainment|SEGA, Vancouver, BC
Art Director 3/2017 - Present

     o Currently developing "Age of Empires: IV" for Microsoft Studios. 

Turbo! Studios, New York, NY
Consulting Art Director 9/2016 - 2/2017

     o Collaborated with the art team to help deliver "Super Senso" for GungHo Online Entertainment.
     o Awarded "Best of App Store" on Apple's Store for 2016. 

Execution Labs Montreal, QC
Consulting Art Director 9/2013 - 2/2017
     o Mentor, advise and consult independent and junior developers on more effective production management and art direction.
     o Provide specialize marketing and branding support for project funding. 

Agni Interactive Riverbank, CA
Creative Director 9/2015 - 2/2017
     o Author presentation decks for new development pitches.
     o Currently developing an original studio IP with the team.
Consulting Art Director 6/2011 - 9/2015
     o Improved production schedule and art quality for the Hyderabad team for online and mobile game development for DeNA, Paradox, 
       No Play No Fun and Trendy Entertainment.
     o Collaborate and led developers to deliver pre-viz commercial spots for 321Launch.

Avalanche Studios NYC New York, NY
Art Director 8/2011 – 9/2015
     o Built and manage an award-winning Art department of 30+ developers in the U.S. and Stockholm to ship a AAA title in two-thirds
        the  time with half the team size typical for a project this size.
     o Led and improved the overall visual style and quality of Just Cause 3 from pre-conception to beta.
     o Received 10 awards including nominated best PC and action game for Game Critics Awards “Best of E3 2015” and winner of Gamespot
        and IGN’s Best of E3 2015 Awards.
     o Collaborated with Square Enix Marketing and PR by creating and reviewing brand material, gave presentations and interviews for press
        tours and conferences.

Ubisoft Entertainment Montréal, QC
Art Director 1/2008 - 12/2010
     o Successfully pitched the visual direction for Far Cry 3 to Ubisoft Publishing.
     o Re-branded the look and feel of the Far Cry franchise.
     o Hired and mentored a 100+ person art production team.
     o Strengthened the development relationship between Art and Design by providing concept and production art such as paintings,
        schematic drawings, level maps and in-game working prototypes.
     o Realigned art direction and quality of the Far Cry 2 Home space, one of the first games for PlayStation 3 Home.

Electronic Arts Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA
Art Director - 6/2005 - 10/2007

     o Created and managed the overall vision and artistic development for Medal of Honor 5: Vanguard and other unannounced projects by
        providing style guides, reference materials and authoring in-game assets.
     o Established practical art/design production pipelines and set quality standards and expectations with the executive producer,
        development director and departmental art leads.
     o Supervised and reviewed team and outsource assets from concept, environment, character, lighting, F/X and UI to Animation and
        Design to ensure a cohesive style and visually compelling game under tight timelines.

Lighting Lead 2/2003 - 6/2005
     o Managed a team of 7 artists to deliver creative and technical lighting for the console version of Medal of Honor 3: Rising Sun and
        Medal of Honor 4: European Assault.
     o Mentored art teams in other EA studios in lighting techniques and style for single and multiplayer versions of the game.

Big Idea Productions Lombard, IL
Lighter and Compositor 2/2002 - 8/2002

     o Completed lighting and compositing for Jonah: A Veggietales Movie, an animated feature film distributed by Artisan Entertainment, by
        working with the director and producer to maintain consistent lighting across all sequences.

Blue Sky Studios White Plains, NY
Technical Director 09/2000 - 08/2002

     o Executed lighting and compositing on or before deadlines for Ice Age, an animated feature film produced and distributed by
        20th Century Fox.

Art Director’s Club, since 2012
     International Game Developers Association, since 2004
     Serious Games Association, since 2012
     Execution Labs, since 2013

     School of Visual Arts - New York, NY MFA, Computer Art
     University of Massachusetts - Amherst, MA BA (Cum Laude), English 


School of Visual Arts The Game Art Lecture Series - Guest Speaker
“Your Future in Video Games” 10/2012
     “Preparing for Next Generation Game Development” 06/2014
     "Concept Art and Open World Gaming" 12/19/16
     "Concept Art and Open World Gaming" 02/16/17

Mercy College - Guest Speaker
     “Preparing for Next Generation Game Development” 11/2014

Nordic Game Stockholm Satellite - Keynote Speaker
     “Principles of Landscape Design applied to Open World Design” 02/2012

BCW Agency #YouNeedASwede - Guest Speaker
     “Working with Swedes” 5/2014

Laguna College of Art & Design Game Art Lecture Series - Guest Speaker
     “Lighting in Games” 11/2007

Adobe, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere, Perforce, TTP, Maya, 3D Studio Max, and various open world proprietary game engines.